ASOS success for market regulars!

Cloth Vintage have been invited to take part in a trial with international clothing brand ASOS. We talk to co-founder Ellie about what it means for their business.

Regulars to our Better Sundays Broadmead and East Street Market  will be familiar with Cloth Vintage, a local brand offering the very best in pre-loved vintage streetwear. Their tagline, 'vintage that feels like new' isn't just a gimmick - they have built themselves up over the last 5 years on the promise of high-quality clothing that doesn't cost the earth. Now they've been given the chance to share their offerings with a global audience through a new partnership with ASOS.

"We launched our business from my university dorm room in 2018," says Ellie, who was already working part-time in retail and is full-time passionate about vintage fashion. Her partner in crime, Joel, was a freelance graphic designer until they both went full time running Cloth three years ago. 

"We had just launched our high street store when Covid hit," explains Ellie. "We had to pivot to survive. We relaunched 100% online, and then began trading at markets when it was safe to do so."

Since then the pair have spread their wings, appearing on a number of different retail platforms as well as running their own online shop. They aim to open a store in the next 18 months, and have a ten-year plan to become a major pre-loved clothing retailer in the UK. While the partnership with ASOS wasn't originally part of that plan, the couple have welcomed the opportunity. 

"It's really validating, it feels like a big deal," says Ellie, who explains they have been working with ASOS Marketplace for a few years already. "We were handpicked as one of the three vintage stores to appear on the main site as part a move to be more sustainable. It's a dream come true really, a huge achievement to go mainstream like this."

For Ellie, the only future for fashion is a sustainable one. All their items are sourced from the UK second-hand market to reduce travel miles, their packaging is made of sugarcane, and they rescue 5000 kg of clothing from landfill each year. 

"ASOS have been really supportive, we have a good relationship with them, but they are a fast fashion brand and they've got a way to go yet to be more sustainable," Ellie says. "We are pleased to be part of that journey. It's a step in the right direction for ASOS, and it's great that while other brands like Primark have opted to do it themselves, ASOS are getting on board with supporting independents."

You can find Cloth Vintage at our markets, online at and now at ASOS!