Meet the Trader: Anopa Handmade

Talented local artist Tendai sells his beautiful oil paintings under the name Anopa Handmade. He is a regular at our Broadmead market. 

In Zimbabwe, the word Anopa means 'God's gift' - and there is definitely something deeply spiritual about watching Tendai work. His beautiful oil paintings depicting scenes from Africa are both abstract in style and traditional in the lifestyle they represent.

"I previously worked in a warehouse," says Tendai, who started selling his artwork about a year ago. "I've always loved painting. The scenes, they just come from my mind. I don't need a photograph. I wanted to share my creativity with people, to inspire others."

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Tendai can often be found painting on-site at the markets, using the time between customers to hone his craft. It is a joy to watch such a skilled artist at work. 

"In the future I'd like to see my work in galleries across the UK, but for now I enjoy the markets, especially meeting people and talking to them about what I do."

Want to know more about Anopa Handmade? Find him on Instagram or come and see him in person at Better Sundays Broadmead, the first Sunday of the month.