Meet the trader ... With Love, Luj x

Laura-Jayne Lewis set up With Love Luj x Vegan Bakery after struggling to find her favourite vegan treats. With Love, Luj x will be at our next market in Broadmead with their delicious vegan cakes and biscuits!

There was a lot of trial and error when I started. After turning vegan I found it quite hard to find easily accessible and delicious treats! There was an abundance of non-vegan items, but not those cruelty-free, and so... I got in the kitchen on my own vegan baking journey. I finally got the hang of substitutes and new methods for vegan baking and got to creating delicious goodies. I shared these with work colleagues and my partner's family (who are not vegan) and they were shocked at how good my baking was.

I baked A LOT as a teenager, always making cupcakes on a Saturday morning for my family and shortly after I moved on to more intricate designs using stencilling and fondant flowers. I then had a break when I got into the corporate world and didn’t really have the time anymore, however, I always enjoyed making the odd banana bread loaf! I loved getting back into baking and I'm naturally creative - there are endless designs and colours and things to practice!

I decided to turn my new baking passion into a business, and so after months of preparation and work, ‘With Love, Luj x’ was born, officially launching in Swindon in February 2021. Then, in October 2021 we moved to Bristol. I trade from a dedicated bakery studio in my garden where I am fully insured with a 5* hygiene rating.

My long-term goal is to go full-time with the bakery - I currently still work part-time in another job - and maybe even have a café one day; but until then, I just want to provide Bristol with some fabulously delicious vegan treats and get the With Love, Luj x name out there. Oh and also to show that vegan alternatives taste no different at all – I think they’re better, but I suppose I am biased ... I bake such a variety of things, like sugar cookies, shortbread, muffins, brownies, cookies, cupcakes, celebration cakes, cheeze twistz, scones and more recently mini tarts! They’re so cute! I’m always trying new things and so the list is constantly getting longer. I really love making shortbread. It’s the kneading of the dough, it makes me feel like a proper baker! But I also love cupcakes and doing really pretty buttercream.

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